Monday, May 28, 2012

More Minecraftia!

I've mentioned before how my son is hooked on all things Minecraft, and now he's making Lego Minecraft's a few:
a gold ore and a golden apple made of legos to look pixelized.
I think it's great that he actually takes the time to search out how to videos on YouTube and search through his HUGE Lego bins to find the right pieces. For those that say computer games are bad for kids, I think children can be inspired by them..

This is the in game version:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Minecraft geeky crafts!

My son is such a fan of Minecraft. It looks to me like a game from the late 80's early 90's but he finds it interesting nonetheless.
He was even a monster from the game for Halloween last year-a creeper. We made his costume out of boxes, spray paint and construction paper.

He's wanted a foam pickaxe for a long time but he says the Minecraft store only has iron color picks, and he wanted a diamond-the best in game.Finally he talked me into trying to create one.

I first printed out a picture of the in game pickaxe, then drew the squares onto foam craft board into 1inch squares.
I then used painters tape to section off the boxes and divide the colors.
Using acrylic paints, I pained several coats in each box before removing the tape.
Next, I outlined each box with black Sharpie marker.
I sprayed  the finished pickaxe with clear gloss then cut it out with a razorblade.
Finally, I used packing tape on the unpainted side to help give it some protection.

Danny is very happy with his pickaxe.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

50 Geeky things kids should do before they are 12.

I came across this article on Geekmom and thought I'd share.

It's based off of a list from The Globe and Mail here:

It takes me back to when I was a kid. We didn't have the electronic distractions that todays kids do and our toy selection was definitely more limited, so we had to make a lot of things as well as use our imagination!

How many of these things did YOU do when you were young? How many have your children?
  1. Build a robot (functional, cardboard, or otherwise)
  2. Play with Lego bricks
  3. Inspect something under a microscope
  4. Tear something electronic apart
  5. Learn to solder
  6. Learn to braze
  7. Write a “Hello World!” program
  8. Play a musical instrument
  9. Attend a con
  10. Play an “old fashioned” video game before getting too jaded by modern graphics
  11. Play a record on a record deck
  12. Plant seeds and watch them grow
  13. Look through a telescope
  14. Stay up to see a meteor shower
  15. Create a lightsaber from an old cardboard tube and shiny paper
  16. Learn how to use a map
  17. Watch a trilogy (we won’t even judge you if it’s all in one day!)
  18. Read a trilogy
  19. Line up your collection alphabetically and catalog it
  20. Mix something cool with a chemistry set
  21. Write something in binary
  22. Silkscreen a t-shirt
  23. Design a game (board or video)
  24. Mix Mentos with Coke
  25. Make a Rube Goldberg machine
  26. Make a stop-motion animation
  27. Build a costume
  28. Read a comic book
  29. Watch an animated series (Batman, Superman, Justice League, X-Men, etc..)
  30. Visit your state or nation’s capital. Visit the museums there.
  31. Launch a model rocket…and know how it works
  32. Play a video game all the way to the end
  33. Visit an observatory
  34. Build a model
  35. Make a website
  36. Blow up something in the pursuit of science
  37. Wear a cape in public
  38. Write a snail mail fan letter
  39. Rebuild a desktop computer
  40. Build a go-cart
  41. Find a mentor
  42. Cook a meal/invent your own recipe
  43. Make a paper airplane or newspaper boat
  44. Make up your own country, world or language
  45. Learn to make a call on a phone (say hello, identify yourself, ask for person you want to talk to, say goodbye)
  46. Get the autograph of someone famous
  47. Paint your tennis shoes
  48. Memorize something you’re passionate about – all the Pokemon characters, World Series winners, who’s buried in Egypt’s pyramids, anything!
  49. Start a business: make lemonade to sell, craft jewelry, write and sell a newspaper…
  50. Invent something

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

House on the Rock Spring Green, Wi

Took my 9 year old to see the House on the Rock Monday. I'd been there before. Must be..hmm..15 years ago or more now. Makes me feel old to say that.

If you are in the Midwest near Spring Green Wisconsin, I'd encourage you to check it out.
It started as a home inside a chimney style rock for an admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright (His school Taliesin is nearby as well.) I took some pics but it was really dark, so here's some pictures from the Wisconsin travel bureau..

Exterior "Infinity room"
Interior "Infinity Room"
inside-a sitting area
He was a huge collector and soon he started to put his collections in the structure. Now it is a HUGE complex and the collections range from carousel horses, to cars, to guns, maritime memorabilia, to almost anything you can imagine!
Worlds largest carousel INSIDE!

HUGE multiple story sea monster sculpture spanning 3 levels.

"Street of yesterday" old time shops furnished and accessorized.

It's HUGE and we spent all afternoon but one could easily spend days looking at all the exhibits. A must see if you are near Madison Wi.