Wednesday, May 2, 2012

House on the Rock Spring Green, Wi

Took my 9 year old to see the House on the Rock Monday. I'd been there before. Must be..hmm..15 years ago or more now. Makes me feel old to say that.

If you are in the Midwest near Spring Green Wisconsin, I'd encourage you to check it out.
It started as a home inside a chimney style rock for an admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright (His school Taliesin is nearby as well.) I took some pics but it was really dark, so here's some pictures from the Wisconsin travel bureau..

Exterior "Infinity room"
Interior "Infinity Room"
inside-a sitting area
He was a huge collector and soon he started to put his collections in the structure. Now it is a HUGE complex and the collections range from carousel horses, to cars, to guns, maritime memorabilia, to almost anything you can imagine!
Worlds largest carousel INSIDE!

HUGE multiple story sea monster sculpture spanning 3 levels.

"Street of yesterday" old time shops furnished and accessorized.

It's HUGE and we spent all afternoon but one could easily spend days looking at all the exhibits. A must see if you are near Madison Wi.


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