Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Minecraft geeky crafts!

My son is such a fan of Minecraft. It looks to me like a game from the late 80's early 90's but he finds it interesting nonetheless.
He was even a monster from the game for Halloween last year-a creeper. We made his costume out of boxes, spray paint and construction paper.

He's wanted a foam pickaxe for a long time but he says the Minecraft store only has iron color picks, and he wanted a diamond-the best in game.Finally he talked me into trying to create one.

I first printed out a picture of the in game pickaxe, then drew the squares onto foam craft board into 1inch squares.
I then used painters tape to section off the boxes and divide the colors.
Using acrylic paints, I pained several coats in each box before removing the tape.
Next, I outlined each box with black Sharpie marker.
I sprayed  the finished pickaxe with clear gloss then cut it out with a razorblade.
Finally, I used packing tape on the unpainted side to help give it some protection.

Danny is very happy with his pickaxe.


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