Friday, June 22, 2012

Crayola Model Magic Angry Birds craft!

It's been so hot outside I wanted to find a fun craft to do inside to get out of the sweltering heat and humidity. My son suggested clay, so I picked up some Crayola Model Magic-the pack came in a bunch of colors for $10.00.

When he saw the colors he immediately gravitated towards making some "Angry Birds" from the game.

A pic from the game..
White bird, yellow bird, red bird, space blue bird, blue bird. Top row: Pig, green bird, space red bird, and black bird.
It's really fairly easy to make these. It's basically just starting out with a round piece of clay, flattening the bottom, and then eyeballing the sizes of basic shapes to put on the bird body. Round for the eyes and pupils, flat  "coils" or "snake shapes" for the feathers and eyebrows, triangles for the beaks. Just play around with the shapes and have FUN!

Note to parents: I found the Model Magic to be perfect-there is practically no smell, it comes out of the pack soft and air dries in 1-3 days!


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