Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to get free Amazon books for your Kindles.

I wrote in another post that Hubby bought me a Kindle for Christmas. I have since read 72 books on it! It is so easy and best yet, I can read at night with the lights off because it is lit like a notebook PC. Since I tear through books electronically, I am always looking for cost savings on books.

Amazon has free books all the time you just need to wade through them. Pixel of Ink is a great blog that highlights Amazon's free books for the day.

Non-fiction reads highlighted here. You can have the email delivered each day and then click on the book link, and it brings you to the book on Amazon. *note:Make sure the book is listed as $0.00 before you "buy" it as some books may change price since the email was delivered*

There's also Pixel of Ink for Fiction books at:

Children's and Young Adult reads are here:

Browse free Kindle Books available on

Some other helpful Kindle/Amazon links:

Lend Kindle Books
Give Kindle Books as Gifts

Happy Reading!!


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