Monday, July 30, 2012

Are the "Geek Girls" of today like my generation's?

When I was a teenager in the '80s, there were very few "geeky girls".

We were derided by the other girls as being "butch" or "weird" for hanging out with guys and choosing to spend a Friday night playing Dungeons and Dragons or solving the latest Infocom text adventure. It just wasn't considered "cool" to hang with guys that were our friends instead of lusting after the quarterback. In fact, even the term "geek" was derogatory.

I think in todays world, in light of people like Bill Gates becoming a billionaire, geekery is "cool", and some girls have decided that to get the computer programmer type guys they have to pretend to be interested in the latest video games or comic book characters backstories.

To me, being a true geek is being so obsessed with something technical or gamer related that they know it inside and out..not just casual familiarity. You also have to be willing to shoulder off all the negative comments because this is who you really are-not a front you present because dark horn rimmed glasses are cute..


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