Thursday, July 12, 2012

Diablo 3 Review

I was all ready today to write a review on Diablo 3 since I finished it on Normal difficulty with my Barbarian,and am starting a new game with a Demon Hunter who is level 16 .

I started up the game so I could post a picture of my character, but..lo and behold, Blizzards servers are down for maintenance, therefore the game is UNAVAILABLE.

Which leads me to the #1 reason in my "cons" column about the game. My thought is, that if you spend almost $60.00 for a game, you should be able to access said game to play it when you wish. it is:

My Pros for the game:
  1. Great graphics
  2. So many areas to explore and fight and they all look different! There's castles, dungeons, sewers,       grassland, etc..
  3. Each class has numerous abilities and/or spells so you can customize playability
  4. Monsters are varied and have different abilities as well so you don't get bored too easily. Some yellow or other "special" monsters have a variety of attacks that really amp up the difficulty.
My Cons:
  1. DEFINITELY my pet peeve is not being able to access the game if Blizzards servers are down.
  2. The lag from having to be attached to the internet and play on Blizzards servers sometimes causes my character to die. The monsters can still cause damage to me, but I can't hurt them, and in large battles a few seconds makes all the difference.  
I find it a fun, mindless game to play overall. it's gorgeous, varied and the voice over actors are terrific! Geeks will recognize the Templar companions voice as Dominic Keating - Star Trek Enterprise's Lt. Malcolm Reed

All in all, I'd give it a 8 out of 10.

Battlenet is back's some pics of my characters with all their cool gear!


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