Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zombie theme park possibly opening in Detroit?

As we all know, Detroit was hit hard in the economic downturn. People lost their jobs in alarming numbers as companies shut down or moved away, leaving a huge area of land abandoned.

Zworld Website

The Z world project wants to bring life back into the city, and give jobs to those who live there, strengthening the economy. The ZWorld founders describe the experience as:

Imagine that you're living through the zombie apocalypse.  You and your group are looking for sanctuary in an abandoned urban landscape.  You are out of ammo so you are relying on your smarts to survive.   As you start to adjust to your new surroundings, your relative calm is broken by a pack of zombies.
People panic and start to run.  Some in your group aren’t fast enough and fall to the zombies.  Soon they will also be zombies.  Where do you go?  The odds say make a run for it and you listen.  Your group runs down the street and hides in an old warehouse. Is it safe in here?  Will the growing zombie horde pass without noticing you?  What about your supplies?  What about the friend that was lost in the chaos?  How long will you survive?  Will you make it through the night?
All of this will take place in an expansive, enclosed area of Detroit filled with open spaces, industrial buildings and homes.  Of course, to be a true ‘experience’, this must be immersive.  The experience is designed to last overnight where you are sequestered in Z World Detroit.  For that time, Z World Detroit will be your world, while you forget about any other problems.  You will be chased.  You will hide.  You will hunt.   You will have an experience you will never forget.  You will make new friends.  You will be exhausted and exhilarated.    It is a sprawling and chaotic real-life video game and the strangest camping trip of your life, all within a surreal location. 
Can you imagine spending the night with your friends, battling a zombie invasion? How cool is that? It sounds like there will be no weapons per se, a "patch" system will be implemented where the humans have several pathes that if torn off, will eventally turn them into a zombie. The zombies will have patches to tear off before they are eliminated.

Personally, I'd like to see some sort of lazer tag system in place for the "kills" of the zombies. I don't know if up close and personal is a good liability issue for the theme park.

 Regardless, I really hope they can get this project off the ground-it seems unlike anything I have ever seen before and it sounds like TONS of fun..


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