Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to make a Minecraft Creeper costume

People have commented on the Creeper costume I made for my son last year at Halloween and asked me how it was made, so I decided to give some tips.

I wish I had taken more pictures when we were assembling it, but I'll try to explain:
Find 2 boxes. One for the head and one for the body. I used a more square shaped box for the head and a more rectangular one for the body. Then spraypaint with primer a few times until you get an even coat.

Then spraypaint with whatever color of green you'd like. I used a deeper almost Christmasy green but I probably should have used a more natural outdoorsy shade. Our stores didn't have much selection.

Cut squares on each side for armholes, however big you need to.

I also wanted to make the box easier for him to get on and off, so I cut it on one side as shown above and continued to the flap on top, where I cut out the center of the box for a "head hole". This made shoulder flaps that I secured with velcro.

Then, I bought several different colors of construction paper (greens, off white) and cut them into 1 inch x 1 inch squares. I found that if you don't have much variety available in the green construction paper you can buy, you can also spray paint the sheets of paper before you cut them.

For the face, I started in the middle of the box and decided where my son's eyes would be and cut 1x1 holes where the corner of the Creepers eye would be and then drew one square above that and one to the side, connecting with each other by making a square in the corner. See how in the pixellized version there is 4 squares that make up the eyes?In fact it's easier to make a grid drawn with pencil in this area of the face so you can get the placement of the boxes right.

I then started the nose by going over one and down one box on the "grid" and filling in those two boxes with black paint. Then over one and down one to start the mouth. This will be 4 boxes across. The next row will be right under this one, but I cut out a breathing hole right in the center. 2 more boxes-one at each end completes the mouth.

Then, I just filled in the rest of the face with my cut out construction paper in random sort of patterns so it looked pixellized. I did the same with the front of the body, just filling in the surface with glued on construction paper squares. You can do the whole body and head if you like but as this had taken about a week for us at this point, I just did the front pieces.

Set the head box on top and Voila! Finished costume!


Carly said...

awesome! Thank you, my son wants to be a creeper. I will follow these directions.

Jennifer Hughey said...

I'll be excited to see how yours turned out. I hope my directions were complete enough. LMK if you have any questions..

Dharma said...

We are in progress of making one. My son and I finished the head last night, thanks for the tips on the body!

Jennifer Hughey said...

I hope my post was helpful! Let me know how yours turns out!

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