Monday, December 3, 2012

Unique DIY christmas gift crafts with Altoid tins! Green crafts!

Who doesn't love those little curiously strong mints? AND when you're done enjoying them, don't you think "Wow, this is such a cool tin. Wish I could use it for something.." Well, I have found some really unique crafts you can make with them!

How about this Altoid pool table from Backyard Engineer?

They suggest these materials:
Carpet sample (free) (I'd probably use felt, but that's me..)
7 Gemstones (we used 6mm beads)
copper rod
Flat copper wire

Or how about for kids, a sleeping mouse in a tin? MMMCrafts shows you how
So adorable!

TLC Family shares their take on a Zen garden in a tin..

Love the wood like treatment on the tin..

I could go on and on, let me know if you'd like more DIY with tins and I'll be happy to go find some!


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