Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time to close this blog..

I'd like to take the time to thank all of you who have messaged me, commented, and read my blog. Originally it was set up as a way to showcase my newest Etsy items and talk about a bit of nerdiness on the side. However, I'm finding I have little time to blog or craft, especially in summer while my son is out of school and I don't really need to market my crafts this way at the present time.

I was going to blog about my family and what we are up to, but my husband's ex (I have no idea why after 17 years she still feels the need to find out what is going on in his families life OR why she is holding on to so much anger and resentment. My philosophy is always about letting negativity go, but to each their own.) or his adult children (who demand money but won't speak to him) frequent this blog so I don't feel comfortable with divulging anything personal in a public venue.

So, enough of that ugliness :-) Thank you all for supporting me in this endeavour for as long as you have..I'll be removing the blog soon.
Be well..

* I have received some very positive comments about my "how to" pages and have decided to remove some pages but leave those. I may or may not add more pages like that at some future time. Thanks for everyone's support!!*